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Amy Metherell May 15, 2014 Frequently Asked Questions / Getting Started

Blue Button Logo with Mark transparent.pngBlue Button is a Federal initiative to give Americans easy access to their health records online. AboutOne Family Organizer displays the Blue Button symbol because users can download or print their personal health records to have them when they need them and share them with their doctors. Data from Blue Button-enabled sites like AboutOne Family Organizer can be used to create portable health histories that patients can use to support dialog between their healthcare providers, caregivers, pharmacies, insurance companies and other trusted parties. 

Do you want to feel more in control of your personal health information? Do you have a health issue? Are you caring for an elderly parent? Are you changing doctors? Do you need to find the results of a medical test or a complete and current list of your medications? Blue Button AboutOne can help by giving you electronic access to your health records so you can:

  • share them with your doctor, caregiver, or trusted family members.
  • confirm that information, like your medication list, is accurate and complete.
  • keep track of when your child had her last vaccination.
  • have your medical history available in case of emergency, when traveling, seeking a second opinion, or switching health insurance companies.

Recognizing the success and potential of the Blue Button, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) within the US Department of Health and Human Services launched a program to take this initiative nationwide in 2012.

AboutOne is taking part in the next step of Blue Button evolution, called Blue Button+, which will provide standards for the electronic exchange of data between healthcare providers, pharmacies, insurance companies and third-party applications. When AboutOne Family Organizer becomes Blue Button+ ready in late 2014, we will be able to automatically receive electronic health records from your Blue Button+ compliant healthcare providers, pharmacies and insurance companies.

Learn more here and here.



Amy Metherell June 24, 2013 Frequently Asked Questions / Getting Started

AboutOne Family Organizer saves you time by automatically pulling in household information from the apps and sites you use every day.

We set up the organizational structure for you, so you don’t have to worry about where or how your information should be filed.

Then we make your information useful with:

  • Reports (e.g. your health history, home inventory, or caregiver instructions)
  • To-dos (e.g. change your furnace filters, renew your driver’s license)
  • Alerts (e.g. recalls on your home inventory items)
  • Reminders (birthday, doctor’s appointments, prescription refill).





Get Started in Seconds


  • Start with the steps listed in the Alerts + To Dos.  They'll guide you through all the steps to get your account started.
  • Use one of our Web or mobile apps from your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Link your Google calendar and Facebook to automatically preserve those entries.
  • Import your contacts so you can link them to memories, paperwork and other entries.
  • With greater than bank-level security, your information is always safe and secure, in the cloud.


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 7.47.33 AM.png


Update as Life Happens

  • No need to enter history, just record life as it happens – you can even email information to your account.
  • Add memories, artwork, receipts and other paperwork at home or on-the-go from your mobile device: pictures, text, and videos too!
  • Keep track of everything from health and education records to home maintenance projects.
  • We help you get organized with advice, suggestions, and recommendations.



Anytime, Anywhere Access

  • Your digital family filing cabinet – in the palm of your hand!
  • Everything at your fingertips for daily use or in an emergency.
  • Intelligent reporting organizes and combines your information, when and how you need it.
  • Receive alerts and reminders so you never miss an important event.


Amy Metherell June 21, 2013 Product News & Updates / New Features

Family Dashboard


The household Dashboard is a new and improved feature of AboutOne. But this is just the beginning and we’ll be rolling out more enhancements and new features shortly. Here’s what to expect from this latest release of AboutOne (and what’s coming soon!).



Your Family Dashboard
As the CEO of your household, you asked for a bird’s eye view of the information you manage in order to take care of your family and home.

The DASHBOARD is your command central – where you go to view, add, edit, and share your household information. It’s also where you’ll connect to and receive suggested entries from your Google calendar, Facebook, and Dropbox. Soon, you’ll be able to select feeds from other apps and sites you use.

Daily View in laptop2

Family Calendar
You asked us to make your favorite calendars (Google, Outlook, Cozi) more useful for recordkeeping.

We’ve started with suggested entries from Google calendar and the DAILY VIEW, which gives you a quick snapshot of a day’s events. We’re working hard to complete our full family calendar syncing features.

AboutOne's new Dashboard in a tablet view

Intelligent To Dos
You wanted AboutOne to help you keep track of your never-ending to do list.

We started with ALERTS that are automatically generated by the information you’ve entered in AboutOne – birthday and anniversary reminders and sharing notifications. You can also add Reminders on any entry like oil changes, checkups, home maintenance, and prescription refills. Soon you’ll be able to add your daily to do lists.

AboutOne on Windows or Mac

Private Social Network

Many of you worry about confusing privacy settings on sites like Facebook. You’ve told us you’d like your own private social network.

We’re making that happen by providing private SHARING to individuals and groups in your SmartContacts. You’ll find notifications about sharing activity in the Alerts section of the Dashboard. More ways to privately share are in the works.

Amy Metherell February 28, 2013 Frequently Asked Questions / Getting Started

Using your Email with file@aboutone.com

You can email anything to your AboutOne account!  Simply send any email from the email address associated with your AboutOne account to file@aboutone.comVoilà!  Your email appears in your AboutOne account in the QuickFile box.  Read more here.


Using a scanner app with file@aboutone.com

Did you know you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a free portable scanner to scan that paper clutter and send it to AboutOne? This is a fast and easy way to add paper bills, receipts, artwork, notes, insurance, health and other paperwork to your account. Just download a free scanning app to make documents more legible while also converting them to PDFs so you can add multi-page documents to AboutOne.

We recommend the free versions of CamScanner and Genius Scan - available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Using CamScanner as an example: Simply scan the item and click the Arrow button in the bottom right corner.


Select the Email option and then select in what format you'd like to file your item (JPG or PDF).  

photo__2_.PNG                      photo__1_.PNG


Your item will then appear as an attachment in a new email.  Send this email to file@aboutone.com, making sure the "From" email address is the email address associated with your AboutOne account.  Your item will appear in your AboutOne stream as a new entry.


Using IFTTT with file@aboutone.com

IFTTT is a fantastic way to integrate AboutOne with the other tools you're already using.  You can use it to automatically send photos and information from your favorite webapps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, or Dropbox, to your AboutOne account!  Please note, IFTTT can only send emails to your AboutOne account from a Gmail email address.  IFTTT does not have the ability to do this with other types of email addresses.

Step 1:  Set Up an IFTTT Account

The first thing you'll need to do is set up an IFTTT account.  You'll receive an email with a confirmation link that you'll need to click before you can use IFTTT.

Step 2:  Activate the Channels You Want to Use

Click the Channels link at the top of the page.  Select the channel you'd like to activate.  Then click the blue Activate button.


This will take you to sign into your account for that channel.  For example, if setting up the Gmail channel, you'll be directed to sign into your Gmail account.  

You may also be asked to Grant Access to IFTTT to access your account.  Granting access is the only way for this to work.  If you deny access, you will not be able to use IFTTT to automate sending information from these webapps to your AboutOne account.

Once you grant access, that channel is activated and ready to be used in a recipe.  Do this for each channel you'd like to use.

*Note:  The Gmail address you set up MUST be the email address associated with your AboutOne account in order for the emails to arrive into your AboutOne account.

Step 3:  Use These Recipes to Make Adding Photos & Information to Your AboutOne Account a breeze.

 Click the Recipe link to the right of each recipe photo and then click Use Recipe.  Type file@aboutone.com into the To Address field.


Send Your Instagram Photos to Your AboutOne Account from a Gmail Email Address

IG_to_Mail_via_Gmail.jpeg                 https://ifttt.com/recipes/81323


Send Facebook Photos You're Tagged In to Your AboutOne Account from a Gmail Email Address

 Facebook_to_Gmail.jpeg                  https://ifttt.com/recipes/81386


Send Your Dropbox Items to Your AboutOne Account from a Gmail Email Address

Dropbox.jpeg                  https://ifttt.com/recipes/81413


Send Facebook Photos You Upload to Your AboutOne Account from a Gmail Email Address

FacebookYou_via_Gmail.jpeg                 https://ifttt.com/recipes/81429


Send New Labeled Gmail Emails to Your AboutOne Account

Apply a label such as 'AboutOne' to emails and have them automatically sent to your AboutOne Account. (Learn how to add labels in Gmail here.)

Gmail_Label.jpeg                 https://ifttt.com/recipes/81696




Amy Metherell January 7, 2013 Product News & Updates / New Features

Bug Fixes

This release includes various bug fixes including:

  • Fix for all address fields being required in contact address - you can now enter partial addresses
  • Improvements to Households

New Features

1.  Babysitter Report  - We've added a Babysitter Report to the Reports Dashboard.  Click View Report and a new tab opens where you can customize the babysitter report with children, bedtimes, and instructions.


2.  Product Search - We've also added a Product Search to the Possessions section of the site.  Simply search for any keyword and select the inventory item you wish to add to your Possessions.  All the relevant information will be filled in for you, making adding possessions a snap!


3.  Delete Entries from Shared With Me stream - You can now clean up your 'Shared with Me' stream by deleting entries you no longer need.  Simply click the entry and click the Delete button.



4.  Copy 'Shared With Me' Entries to Your Own Stream - You can now also copy entries that have been shared with you to your own stream.  Just click the entry and click the Copy to Stream button.***


*Comments will not copy to your stream.  

**Not available for Health Appointments, Health Allergies/Conditions, Health Medications/Supplements, or Education Grade entries.


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